Mission of the Downtown Club of Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma City Downtown Club is an organization of young professionals who are excited about the future of our city and state and meet to focus on issues related to leadership, economic development and quality of life.

Member Profile

All members must be between the ages of twenty-five and forty years old, a professional, interested in issues facing our city and state, committed to making a positive difference through personal leadership and involvement in our community and interested in building relationships with other community leaders and Club members.


Membership growth is coordinated by the Board of Directors and is capped at 75 members. The goal of the Club is to have a membership that mirrors Oklahoma City’s demographics. Therefore, the Club strives to limit representation from each industry (energy, finance, law, etc.) to no more than 20% of the Club’s membership. Additionally, no single company can have more than three members in the Club. Twice a year the Board of Directors meets to consider new applicants for any open spots in the Club.


If you are interested in applying as a member of the Downtown Club, please review the membership criteria and application form.


Guests of the Club should either be a one-time visitor or a prospective member. Members are responsible for the expense associated with bringing a guest to a Club function.